What’s going to happen with eBay?

What’s going to happen eventually to eBay? I have been asking that question a lot lately to myself as I see them making more and more bad decisions. To give you a little background I joined in March of 2005. I chose my eBay name of Trader-Annie because I envisioned myself going to various thrift and secondhand stores and finding unique items to sell on eBay.  It didn’t take me long to find out that it’s really difficult to find items at affordable prices and then sell them on eBay.  With the cost of putting items up there (which wasn’t too bad at the time) and also learning how to put a good ad together that the profit was slim.

Since we love nautical items and were looking for a niche we hit upon the idea of making signal flags that spell messages. We then test marketed the early ones we made and found that they were selling well. There are a number of entrepreneurs that used eBay as a market analysis to see if their product was viable.

After getting steady sales and learning quite a bit in Paint Shop Pro so that our pictures were good for the ads, we then decided to spread our wings.  When some of the customers wondered where our website was we put up a one page flyer.  It has really evolved like us into what it is today.
IB Designs, USA.

What has happened on eBay is that there are forcing the sellers to look for alternative places to sell. Here are just a few of the things they have done.

  1. Increased the Final Value Fee and as of the middle of Sept it will triple. It has gone up over the years but will now go from 3 to 9 % of total sale.
  2. If you are listed in a category and they feel your shipping is too much they want to be able to remove your listing and tell you how much to charge. I know that there are people who do charge too much but not all of us should suffer because of it.
  3. This hasn’t happen yet but they are trying to not allow any links in your ad. A lot of our pictures are clickable in the ad and it shows a lot more detail.
  4. Lastly sellers that accepted money orders and checks will no longer be able to do that. You have to use either PayPal or ProPay.

What is fortunate for us is that we have already gotten our start, and we are selling well through our website over the last few years. While we just run one ad continuously through eBay it is more to supplement and keep the word out there about our company.

In conclusion if it gets to the point that they keep adding more and more obstacles then we will pull out of there.  Who I feel sorry for are the people that have a great product and will not get the start like we did. Ebay had a great idea but they are definitely digging their own grave.

I found this great article that says it all- Own stock in eBay?


5 thoughts on “What’s going to happen with eBay?

  1. Your story is only one of thousands. Ebay will become a cheap and cheesey clone of Amazon and they will fail at it. Unfortunately, along the way they will destroy thousands of small sellers who are also buyers and who have been doing business on Ebay for many years. The present management is running rampant with its maniacal ideas and like a runaway freight train it seems nothing can stop them from taking apart a site we all once loved.

  2. I totally agree with you and although I am just one of thousands it felt good to post this. Your right about a runaway freight train and sooner or later it will crash.

  3. I have pulled all of my ebay listings and store, It seems I was just paying fees, I have moved on and have not regretted it one bit. I have a site for nautical gifts & nautical decor, take a peek if you want, It’s not ebay quality.

  4. Hi Jim,

    I can certainly relate to it feeling like you are always paying fees. We are certainly getting to that point also. Our flags are not eBay quality either. They are handcrafted with attention to quality. I really like your website and bookmarked it and like what you have to offer.


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