Shopping Online for Signal Flags or other items

One thing that really bugs me is that if you are shopping online, you want to see what you are buying! If I was going to buy an entire set of signal flags, I’d want to see the item that I am buying and not just graphics.

When we first started making Navy signal flags we had to overcome quite a few obstacles.  We wanted to see what real flags look like. We knew that we didn’t want strings or garlands of the maritime signal flag alphabet, we wanted separate flags. Here’s an example of what I mean about strings and garlands.

Signal flags & Pennants strung together
Signal flags & Pennants strung together
Signal flags srung together
Signal flags 1 piece

Another thing we wanted to do was to make them a size that would fit comfortably into a nautical home decor or as yard decorations. We wanted people to be able to spell secret messages, even though the flags have been used mostly on navy ships for the past 300 years. Here is a collage of what our flags actually looks like:

Collage of IB Designs, USA signal flags
Collage of IB Designs, USA signal flags

We wanted to make them affordable. When we looked around, we saw that the typical cost for “size 0″ (usually 12×15”) runs from $20-$30 for a single flag.  I have seen entire alphabets varying widely, from $600-$1000.

We searched every knook and cranny that we could think of, only to find that all of the companies we found only showed graphic drawing of their flags. That’s why there are so many pictures on our Web site. We aren’t afraid to show you what you are buying. Here are a few close-ups.

Letter U signal flag
Letter U signal flag
Letter Y signal flag
Letter Y signal flag

Since we manufacture the flags ourselves we can keep the price down and sell them at a wholesale price to you without compromising the quality.

In summary whether you are shopping online for signal flags or other items let them know that you want to be able to view there product. If you are not getting a clear picture of what you want to purchase, email them or shop elsewhere. If you were thumbing through a catalog at home you would see the clarity of the pictures and you should expect no less when you are online. You deserve the best!

IB Designs, USA


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