Popular Names for Yachts, Ships, Boats

We have had a lot of requests for personal boat names with our signal flags. Because of the size of our flags which are 8 x 8″ they can easily be hung inside the yacht, ship or boat.  One couple was going to have a celebration after getting their new boat and wanted to hang the banner we had sent them and tie it to the railing as people visited them. The name of their yacht was “Night-Crawler”. Due to the salt water ruining fabric over time they are best as indoor decorations but for special occasions it shouldn’t be an issue.

If you also have a nautical themed room at your house another idea would be to hang a banner, vertical ladder or valance with your boat’s name. The picture below is just a few of the more popular boat names and what the banner would look like with our signal flags that spell out the various names.

Popular Boat names for Yachts Ships Boats
Popular Boat names for Yachts Ships Boats

Here are some additional boat names that are quite popular:

Bite Me
Endless Summer

Second Wind
Endless Summer
Happy Ours
Time Out


4 thoughts on “Popular Names for Yachts, Ships, Boats

  1. Greetings,

    What a wonderful idea! I am the Guide to Powerboating at About.com – a New York Times company. I’d love to feature your flags on my site by doing a product review or a blog post highlighting your flags because I think other boaters would enjoy them.

    Can you send me information at the email I entered? You can visit the Powerboating site at: http://powerboat.about.com/

    Thank you,
    Ericka Watson
    Guide to Powerboating at About.com

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