Window Treatments-Nautical Signal Flag Valances Curtains

Signal Flag Valance spells WORDS

I have written quite a few posts about our valances that can be used as window treatments. It’s probably because I love my own signal flag valance as seen below.

Adventure flag valance

When I walk though my door it’s one of the first things that I see. It really brightens up a room and coordinates all of my nautical things that I have around the house.

Window treatments can be be simple or elaborate. If you have blinds they can simply hang from a single curtain rod above the top as seen in the picture below.

Signal flag valance

The signal flags spell ”RVing” but since you can personalize your valance with your own message, be creative. We have had a lot of requests for names, either first or last names. Boys and Girls both love the secret message that only they know.

If you already have nautical curtains or even solid color curtains why not add another rod and hang the signal flag valance over that. We have received orders from interior designers that have done that.

The casings on each flag slide easily through a standard curtain rod that is ¾” or less.

End of standard curtain rod

If you have a bigger curtain rod just let us know and we can size the casing to your requirements. For more ideas check out our Valance page on our website at


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