Fishing-Sunnies and Large-Mouth Bass

I Love Fishing banner

Since we both love fishing we decided to take some time and go out a few days this past week. It seems that this is been a hard year to fish. Every time we decide we want to go out either it is very windy or raining. With all the rain we have seen the lakes really rise this year. Here in the Midwest most of the river’s are at flood stage.

The sunnies were really biting this past week and we have caught quite a few. They sure taste great with a butter sauce. Yesterday we both caught a large-mouth bass.
This is what Craig said I caught:

Bass fingerling

Here is what I say I caught. Just a little different. LOL

Large-Mouth Bass

Actually his bass was about 2 lbs and mine was about 2 ½ lbs. I think that it is important when you run a business such as ours to relax and do something that you really enjoy now and then.

Oh well time to get back to work:) Happy fishing!!


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