Educating Children about Maritime Navy Signal Flags

Learning Navy signal flags

060827-N-3609W-003 New Orleans (Aug. 27, 2006) – Personnel Specialist 1st Class Nathan Hazell explains signal flags to a young boy on “Navy Day” at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. Hazell, a Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) New Orleans Sailor, joined other Navy volunteers to promote the Navy’s continuing community support of “The Big Easy.” U.S. Navy photo by Navy Counselor 1st Class Michael Wilder (RELEASED)


As seen in the picture above it is never too soon to teach children about Signal Flags.  With their colorful display they would interest children of all ages. A lot of our banners are sold for children’s rooms through the teenage years. They like that the flags spell a secret message that only they know. Whether it’s their name, favorite pet or anything else they can dream up. Being able to personalize the banner is great. On all our orders we include a sheet that shows the whole signal flag alphabet with it’s corresponding letter. It would make a great educational tool. Visit today at IB Designs, USA


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