Love Fishing in the Spring

This is my favorite time of year for fishing. It has been a long winter here in the Midwest and I really miss fishing in the winter. The taste of the Bass and the Sunnies that we catch are so good. Ten times better than store bought and not to mention the fun of catching them.

I recently got a new pole also. I bought the Ugly Stick Light Pro. The tip is so sensitive that you can really feel when something is on the line. We have been out a few times and have been battling the windy spring that we are having. Craig caught a 2 lb bass but for the most part we are just getting small fish that we toss back so they can grow bigger. Will let you know when I catch the big one:) I enjoy catching catfish and also the bass. I used chicken livers last year with some luck. Where we have been going there seems to be more channel cats than bullheads. The channels are defintely harder to fillet. What are some of your favorite baits?

This picture was taken last year at Herrick’s lake. No matter what you take home it is great to get outdoors.

Fish I caught at Herrick\'s Lake


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