Close-ups of our Vertical Navy Signal Flag Banners

It is sometimes hard to see how great these look so we decided to take some pictures that really show how great our vertical banners are. The link goes to our vertical page on our website. The colors really stand out as you can see. The picture below shows a partial of our “S” flag. With the ring that you can see at the top you can hang it on any wall, door or anywhere you want to add a nautical touch. Names are really popular either first or last. Please use the back button if you enlarge any of the below pictures.

Front of our S flag

Side of vertical flag

This picture shows the back of the flag along with the ring nestled in the knot. All flags are stamped on the back to show the corresponding letter
The last picture shows a banner that spells SMITH. Check out our website at IB Designs, USA

Full banner that spells \"Smith\"
Although I will continue to post here some I have started a new blog which I will be updating regularly as we move towards The Signal Flag Shop..

Check it out at The Signal Flag Shop by IB Designs,USA


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