Email and Business- Hard to do without it

Email and Business

You never realize just how much you use your email until you are without it. Recently we changed web servers and we were without our regular email for a few days. It doesn’t sound all that long but it felt like a nightmare. Although it didn’t take long to transfer the website email was a bit trickery. I use Thunderbird, which I love but we ended up having to reconfigure that with our new email boxes on the server.

After a couple of days we could receive email but couldn’t send email out. I ended up using my gmail and yahoo accounts, which work, but it sure wasn’t the same. I use my email a lot to answer customer questions, confirmation of order and also to notify them that there order has been shipped. It’s hard to believe how we ever lived without email and I for one am glad that everything is back to normal. Now I can return to making our Navy signal flags



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