Unique Signal Flags & Nautical Decorations

I found some unique signal flag items and décor and also some nautical items when researching. The collage shows some examples of things that I found interesting. The stained glass personalized sign is made by Wingood and they also have a signal flag translator. They also use the standard with the casing to the left. IB Designs, USA is the only one that hangs the casings from the top.

Signal flags and ships and nautical

The other site that is really great is a person that made handcrafted ships in a bottle. Although he kept the website up it looks like he no longer makes these beautiful works of art. This is the link to the main page of his website:

CV-67 USS John F Kennedy is one of the ships that he built and you can see additional pictures here. It really is amazing what he can do.

Lastly I found this belt on eBay and bought it for my boyfriend. I really like the colorful flags and he loves the belt. He was nice enough to model it for this picture.

Nautical Navy Signal Flag Belt
Nautical Navy Signal Flag Belt

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