Nautical Weddings- Cakes, Signal Flag Banners

Planning a nautical wedding can be fun. We have had a number of requests for our Signal Flag Banners that will be hung at Navy or military weddings. Either at a outdoor wedding or as part of the reception. The most popular is having the couples name spelled out in signal flags. The picture below shows a banner we made and spells “Erin and Vin”. Use back button on all pictures if you enlarge any pictures below.

Erin and Vin Wedding signal flag banner

Another part of the wedding is ordering the cake. I found a website that makes fantastic cakes. Below is a picture of their signal flag cakes. Each flag was made with fondant and you can tell that they take great pride in detail. To view some of their other wedding cakes check out Cakes by the Norwoods

Signal flag wedding cake

(permission for photo from the Norwoods)

Lastly I wanted to include one more picture of a outdoor wedding because it is so beautiful.

Ocean Gazebo with signal flag banner

IB Designs, USA


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