Customer Testimonials for IB Designs, USA-Signal Flag Banners

We sell our Navy signal flags on both our website and also on eBay. We have had many testimonials on our custom personalized messages with the use of maritime signal flags.

On Ebay I sell under the name Trader-Annie eBay member profile page - Trader-Annie

member profile on eBay, to see what customers are saying about our banners.

On our website: IB Designs, USA I have received the following emails:

Oh my gosh! My flags arrived today and I can’t believe how amazing they look. I brought them to work today to show them off and everyone was totally blown away! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to send pictures!

The ceremony is outdoors on a lawn overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. We are hanging the flags on a large white lattice arbor outside. While most of the reception is indoors, people will be free to hang out along the water. In other words, the flags will be a part of both!

Thanks Again!
Erin Collier (“Erin and Vin” banner)
Done and thank you. You have no idea what this will mean to the guys. No one remembered from 63 years ago when USS England was scrapped.
Kathy, I received them today. They will work perfectly. I left positive feedback

Hi Kathy.

My dad loved his flag banner. They’ve put it up in the pool area. Last
week they went to a record attempt for number of boats all going round in
a circle, so he hung the flags on the boat for the occasion. Photos
United Kingdom


Just wanted to let you know I received the flags that spell “Brandon”. They are great. Thanks again,

Hi I’m back I ordered Brandon from you on Jan 1st I liked it so much I would like to order for 3 more windows (window a) Liebnick (window b) star (Window c) Port


Hi Kathy,
I searched to find nautical flags (commercially they average $20 each) and your company had something else listed (a party banner) but I saw that you did custom work so I clicked on your company icon. Viola! Love the banner!
Lindsay Henderson

Here are just a few of our custom banners we have made. Use back button if you click to enlarge picture:

Night Crawler Maritime signal flag banner

The Klein Inn signal flag banner

Ahoy Matey signal flag banner

Update 07/10: Although the feedback is still there for eBay on our website we no longer sell on eBay.

Check out our current feedback on our Testimonials page


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