My rant on Sewing Machines- Where has the quality gone?

Since we manufacture all our signal flags my machine gets heavy use. I wouldn’t trade my Pfaff for the world. Because it is so important I decided to get a back-up machine to be on the safe side. Also I wanted to take in my Pfaff for it’s yearly maintenance.
I have been sewing for the past 40 yrs my first thought was that Singer was great when I first started out why not get that as a back up. I ended taking that back as it wouldn’t even go through a few layers of fabric without clunking and struggling. I couldn’t believe the difference that had happen over the years. Somewhere along the line quality went out the window.

I then decided that even though Sears and K-Mart had merged I believed that the Kenmore brand was still good. Although it was noisy the first night I figured that I was just use to the quality of Pfaff and it seemed to sew pretty well. Today I used it for the second time and was sewing a casing on the top of the flag. We are only talking 2 layers of fabric. I finished sewing only to find a line of oil. After investigating I found that there was oil in the bobbin area and on the thread. On a white casing it looked awful. Quality is important to us and I expected to only use this machine once in a great while.

It seems to me that quality just isn’t important anymore to a lot of companies. They want to make it cheap send it out the door without good quality checks and thinking that everything is just good enough. I know I have learned my lesson even for a back-up machine. I will get another Pfaff because I can depend on it, which isn’t easy to say anymore.
I found this in The Wall Street Journal which sums up the way that I feel:

Sears’s dramatic profit decline comes amid rising customer complaints about its stores and service. Susan R. Russell, a Maine-based consultant to nonprofits and longtime Sears customer, says recent instances of poor service have sent her shopping elsewhere. Sears initially refused to honor a warranty for an oven that was delivered damaged, and another time it required hours on the phone and two service visits to replace a dishwasher rack covered by a warranty. “They value people’s time at zero. That’s outrageous,” Ms. Russell said.

3 thoughts on “My rant on Sewing Machines- Where has the quality gone?

  1. Craig

    A lot of these companies wonder why they’re going out of business. They blame it on the “economy,” or the weather, or the traffic, or global warming. It’s just sheer stupidity and incompetence on the part of the executive management. One nice thing about reality is that stupidity can still get you killed, and in a business sense, “getting killed” means going out of business. Think of it as “culling the herd.” 🙂

  2. Sophie

    I have a brother machine (one of their mid-range electronic ones) and it is really fantastic for a variety of fabrics, even knit fabrics that my old Pfaff machine couldn’t handle; it sews well with no rolling and twisting of the hems. I totally agree about Singer and some of the other brands though; they are terrible these days. My mom had a Toyota that barely lasted two years and kept dropping stitches and the tension messed up no matter what she did.

  3. Glad to hear that the Brother is working well for you. Mid-range probably helps. That saying that you get what you pay for. On some of our flags we go through 8 layers when folded. The Pfaff 1142 is the top one in the Hobby line and that is what I use with no problems.

    Thanks for your comment, Sophie.


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