Nautical Navy Signal Flags Vertical Decorative Banner

To the left  the picture “Joy” will add a festive touch to the holiday season.
Signal Flag Banner spells “JOY” for Christmas

To the right above is a signal flag banner that we did for a customer named Fisher. Names are really popular. All banners are shipped ready to hang

The vertical banners include 1/2″ PVC ladder rungs, 5/16” braided polyester side rope, brass rings for rungs, 1/8” top rope, and 1” brass hanging ring at the top.

All knots can be untied, if for any reason you need to do so. Each flag has a white backing, and its alpha letter on the back of the casing. Orders also include a color chart of all the alphabet letters, and their corresponding flag. Check out our Vertical Banner page for Ideas.

Three Initial vertical banner

Here is a close-up of initials”M E O”
The great thing about the vertical banners is that if you don’t have a lot of space you can add a nautical touch to any room in either an apartment or house. Our wall hangings can be customized to your choice.

Close-Up of ring and rope

To see more of our banners or to order one for yourself or as a gift check out our website at
IB Designs USA


8 thoughts on “Nautical Navy Signal Flags Vertical Decorative Banner

  1. Amanda Adams

    I’m searching for fabric nautical letters to use in my baby’s room. I’d like to spell out his name and hang it on the wall as part of the nautical decor in the room. If you could be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you,

  2. Michelle

    Our son’s nursery is in nautical theme. His dad is in the Coast Guard. At first, we were thinking his name in nautical letters would be great over his crib. But, we are also thinking about each letter of his name in rope.

    Are either of these possible?

    Please let us know what our options are.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. You wrote: How about vertical flags that spell Welcome? Can you email a price too?

    Thank you for your interest and your comment. Our signal flags are $ 9.50 each and the ladder is also $9.50. The total for the “Welcome” Vertical Banner would be $76.00. Shipping is free in the US.
    Here’s a link to our Vertical page on our website.

    On our website we accept both Google Checkout and Paypal. If you decide to order you can purchase it through our website or we can also invoice through Paypal.

    Thanks for your interest,

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