I love fishing

Another sunset view of the lake
I had a fun time yesterday.  Even though the wind was blowing and there was a few sprinkles I caught 4 catfish. I went to Pratt Woods which is about 10 miles from where I live. There is 3 different lakes  and I ended up in the back lake.  At least back there the water was kinda quiet since the trees around the lake block the wind quite a bit. The gusts were up to 35 miles an hour.  You have to be a bit crazy to be a fisherman but I love it.

This time of year in the midwest you know that winter isn’t that far away and seize every opportunity you can get.  I love catching bass but this year I started to use chicken livers and catfish really seem to like that. Using that for bait though is sure hard to hook on the line, though.

I didn’t bring my camera yesterday but have some prior pictures of Pratt Lake that I thought I would include in this post.

Sunset at Pratt Woods
Small Frog near the lake


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