Welcome to All Things Signal Flags-Your Custom Message

Nautical Navy Signal Flags “Welcome” Banner

IB Designs, USA sells Navy signal flags, individually or combined into personalized banners. Unlike standard sets of signal flags, where you get only one of each letter in the alphabet, you now can get as many of which ever letters you’d like.

Nautical signal flags are colorful, distinctive, and unusual. Instead of an expensive vinyl banner with big letters, why not use these interesting flags to send a message? We offer custom messages with a Nautical Theme.

Signal a personal message to your friends with a custom banner of your own.

Celebrate with your Navy Signal Flag for parties, decorate your next birthday party, backyard barbecue, pool party, or tailgate party. Spell the name of your boat, signal your garage or yard sale.

Customer feedback has been great.  Check out our Testimonials on  our website:  IB Designs, USA

I am going to try to update this blog weekly. If you have any signal flag stories I would love to hear them. I love all things nautical but especially signal flags.

Anything you can spell, we can make!


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